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    • Premium Wax Ribbon

      NO.K1300Premium Wax Ribbon
      Features 1.high print quality 2.strong scratch resistance3.extensive adaptability, not smudge print head 4.has clear and beautiful print effect with high transfer rate, high agility and high dens...Details

    • Wax-resin Ribbon

      NO.K2000Wax-resin Ribbon
      Features  1.high print quality. 2.strong scratch resistance. 3.extensive adaptability, can be used instead of similar products perfectly. 4.has clear and beautiful print ef...Details

    • Textile Resin Ribbon

      NO.K200TTextile Resin Ribbon
         high print quality,high temperature resistance   and strong resistance to washing Features 1.high print quality. 2.washable, high temperature resistance. 3.sta...Details

    • single sheet tag used printer

      NO.SAKI-SPsingle sheet tag used printer
      The original printing position adjusting technology, multiple extended print head life Excellence ribbon save function, multiple use, potently reduced material cost Horizontal, vertical adjustme...Details

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