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  • Low Temperature Resin Ribbon

    NO.R3Low Temperature Resin Ribbon
    Ultra-low printing temperature,high scratch resistantance Features  1.Ultra-low printing temperature.      Its printing temperature can be 4-6 degrees celsius&nb...Details

  • General Purpose Resin Ribbon

    NO.K3General Purpose Resin Ribbon
    excellent solvent and scratch resistance,a wide range of applicationFeatures1. high scratch resistance.K300+ can maintain long-term readability with excellent scratch resistance in the harsh environme...Details

  • Resin ribbon(For PE,BOPP)

    NO.105TResin ribbon(For PE,BOPP)
              excellent scratch ,solvent and smudge resistanceFeatures1.can used in film products, epecially in film labels. 2.excellent scratch resistance and solvent resist...Details

  • Textile Resin Ribbon

    NO.K200TTextile Resin Ribbon
       high print quality,high temperature resistance   and strong resistance to washing Features 1.high print quality. 2.washable, high temperature resistance. 3.sta...Details

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